Who am I as a Recharger?

My name's Alec and I joined The Rechargers in 2022. I'm a data-driven EV Charging IT Consultant with experience as Functional - and Migration Analyst. Both roles have provided me with insights into the operational challenges that exist within the EV charging industry and the IT solutions that enable drivers to benefit from a seamless EV charging experience.

I find this industry especially captivating because of its fast-paced innovation rate and growth. At The Rechargers we stand in the center of the EV Charging industry, working with all stakeholders and pushing for change in the right direction. I am proud to be a part of that.

Another level at which I love to make an impact is within our own startup. As Marketing Coordinator, I've stepped up to shape The Rechargers’ marketing strategy and lead our initiatives on all online channels to speed up our growth and to make The Rechargers rightfully stand out as industry experts in Europe.

How do I Recharge?

Spending time with friends and enjoying good music are the best ways for me to charge my batteries. Combining both at a concert or festival is what I love most!