A smooth transition for your business, your drivers and your chargers

Let us manage the coordination and execution of your CPMS migration, so you can focus on your business’ daily operations.

Rely on us for guidance through your EV charging platform migration project. Whether you need project managers, analysts, testers, or SMEs; we offer the necessary expertise to enhance every aspect of your project. We’re flexible in our support too and offer two distinct approaches.

Let us run the entire project

Entrust us to take the lead and manage your entire project, providing all project team members and ensuring a seamless execution from start to finish.

Enrich your project team with our experts

Alternatively, we can supplement your existing team with additional resources where needed, allowing you to leverage our expertise precisely where it matters most.

Seamless Migration Coordination

To streamline the migration process, we craft a thorough cut-over plan and assist you in the coordination of this plan. Our support includes communication planning for customers and third parties, ensuring that all parties are aligned, committed, and informed to execute their part seamlessly during the migration process.

Implementation activities

Implementation and migration are closely intertwined processes. Our support within the migration track seamlessly aligns with all activities outlined in our Implementation and Integration offering.

Data mapping & clean-up

We begin by conducting an analysis of the data model in both the source and target systems. Following this, we define a detailed data migration plan. The migration process proceeds through an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) methodology, ensuring a smooth transition. As part of our approach, we address the cleanup of source data to enhance the efficiency of the data migration experience.

Reliable Data Migration Testing

We thoroughly test migration scripts to ensure accuracy and reliability. We facilitate end-to-end testing on the migrated data. This testing process ensures a robust and error-free data migration experience.

Post go-live Training & Hypercare

We ensure your team is well-prepared for daily operations post go-live. This could include making a training manual or coaching during customized training sessions. We also remain available to support you during the hypercare phase, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any immediate needs.

Quality delivered fast – Charged by our Accelerators

At The Rechargers, we’ve combined our expertise in CPMS projects and in-depth knowledge of the EV charging market to create a tool set that helps our clients kickstart their projects. These tools are designed to ensure high-quality results within a tight timeline, providing an efficient and effective launchpad for success.

Efficient Migration Project Plan

Our accelerator is constructed upon a proven project plan for CPMS migrations. Right from the start, we execute a comprehensive and fully developed plan, ensuring a streamlined and efficient implementation process.

EV Charging Process Maps

We’ve developed detailed process maps that cover all aspects of EV charging, including domain-specific processes for various offerings. These maps will be instrumental in discussions around the target architecture, clarifying how specific systems and teams address different areas.

EV Charging Test Lab

All of our in-house experts have access to a set of test chargers, installed at our office. These chargers can be easily connected to your charging platform, which significantly enhances the quality and efficiency of testing within your project.