Who am I as a Recharger?

Everyone recognizes the critical importance of seamless charging for the success of electric vehicles (EVs). One of the key challenges: getting the platforms and solutions enabling this experience right. To tackle this challenge, I founded The Rechargers. The mission is clear: to cultivate a team of tech-savvy industry professionals adept at implementing and integrating the right EV charging solutions, capable of consistently delivering excellence.

Where do we make the difference? In contracts with the larger renowned firms, we only work on EV charging. Our consultants dedicate their careers to EV Charging and actually know your business.

Personally, I balance solution design with project planning, resource management, and mitigating risks to ensure that each project is executed with precision. My experience as a solution architect leading the EV charging team in Accenture gave me a comprehensive understanding of project delivery from all angles, which I use now to lead design and implementation teams on complex IT projects. I am accustomed to managing both functional and technical tracks, overseeing core operational systems, and orchestrating seamless integrations into corporate systems such as CRM and ERP.

Moreover, I have established and nurtured partnerships with leading EV charging platform vendors, further enhancing The Rechargers' ability to deliver innovative and integrated solutions to clients. With me at the helm, clients can trust in The Rechargers' commitment to delivering success, one project at a time.

How do I Recharge?

Ask my daughters and my wife. I like to cook for them and make them smile. When I have time for a longer break, you’ll find us on a ski slope or travelling to Europe with our bikes. Nothing recharges you like cycling up a steep hill with a packed cargo bike, a flat battery and a hungry one year old on top of it!