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With our extensive knowledge in EV charging IT, we understand what it takes to implement your North Star solution architecture. We simplify the process and help you in creating a roadmap by providing clear sets of deliverables and key project activities within the project. Our expert team is able to assist in every stage of the project; whether you already have documentation or need guidance from square one. We are ready to offer valuable insights and recommendations across all facets of your EV Charging IT strategy project.

Launching your new IT strategy

When launching a new IT strategy, we follow a series of essential steps. First we craft an As-Is architecture version and map all capabilities of said architecture. After that, we create stakeholder overviews for your current systems. Last but not least, we conduct a thorough gap analysis within the architecture.

North Star Solution Definition

Our seasoned experts help you in finding cross-application alternatives, which we check to see how well they fit with your priorities and regional considerations. We also assess different sourcing strategies – whether it’s building it yourself, buying it, or outsourcing it. What you get from us is a clear summary of viable IT options for your revised North Star target architecture, including pros and cons. We also create a mapping of system features to address capability gaps in your IT ecosystem.

Platform Vendor Selection Support

As industry experts, we can provide insights into the strenghts and weaknesses of all charging platform vendors. We facilitate your selection process by narrowing down the extensive market offerings to a select list of system vendors (e.g., PSP, CPMS, etc.) whose platforms suit your business needs. This selection procedure is also offered as a stand-alone service, as well as the tool that accelerates it, our EV Charging Platform Benchmark. Our selection considers the functional, technical, and strategic fit tailored to the specific needs of your company.

IT Roadmap Definition

We help you understand the implementation requirements for the new IT strategy for EV charging, including costs and necessary resources. We also help to clarify which development activities have priority and identify associated risks. Depending on your specific needs, we can deliver a high-level IT roadmap and project plan. In this plan you’ll find the resource and budget estimates, a risk log, and an operating model for how things will work once your project is up and running.

Quality delivered fast – Charged by our Accelerators

At The Rechargers, we’ve combined our expertise in IT strategy projects and in-depth knowledge of the EV charging market to create a tool set that helps our clients kickstart their projects. These tools are designed to ensure high-quality results within a tight timeline, providing an efficient and effective launchpad for success

EV Charging platform benchmark

Our benchmark covers a wide range of CPMS vendors and provides insight into each vendor’s capabilities, a key summary and their position in the market against other competitors. To put this together, we’ve conducted a detailed assessment of 50+ capabilities for relevant EV charging platform vendors.

Reference architecture

We’ve developed a comprehensive end-to-end reference IT architecture specifically tailored for EV charging. Throughout your project, we leverage this reference architecture as the foundation for systems and integrations design, ensuring a holistic approach that expedites the definition of your North Star IT architecture and gap analysis.

EV charging process maps

We’ve developed detailed process maps that cover all aspects of EV charging, including domain-specific processes for various offerings. These maps will be instrumental in discussions around the target architecture, clarifying how specific systems and teams address different areas.