Who am I as a Recharger?

Hi, nice to meet you! After working for 2 years together with The Rechargers on a huge implementation project of a new CRM, ERP and EV Charging platform, I joined The Rechargers as a partner beginning 2024.

The enthusiasm, expertise and vision of this team persuaded me of this new adventure!

More than 15 years ago, I started my career in a large consultancy firm with a focus on data analysis and process optimization. I had the opportunity to work for more than 50 companies and their business owners and gained expertise in domains like: CRM/ERP implementation, business process optimalisation, IT strategy, data warehouse solutions, BI reporting.

Last years, I combined this throughout insight in several business processes, back-end applications and data analytics to guide companies through digital transformation.

As a Recharger, I'm supporting you to a successful go live of your new EV platform and ERP system. Define the best migration strategy for your situation, make an impact assessment on internal and external stakeholders, set up a data migration framework to move all your chargers and customers to your new system.

We define a detailed transition plan to make sure software partners, charging infrastructure, roaming partners, business departments are all aligned and able to transition smoothly to a successful go live.

How do I Recharge?

Being in the center of action gives me tons of energy, the rush of a go live is a perfect example.

Outside of work I recharge by slowing down; Going together with my two kids to martial arts class, with the only ambition to spend some quality time with them. Take the time to join them in their game...

Making long hikes through fields and forests. Go for dinner with my wife and take the time to listen to each other. A spontaneous gathering with friends around a campfire and enjoy a drink. Appreciate the little things in live!