Who am I as a Recharger?

My name is Xander, and I joined The Rechargers in September 2023. My educational journey started at KU Leuven where I studied Business Engineering, including an exchange semester at Chulalongkorn

University in Bangkok. After obtaining my degree, I pursued an Advanced Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, which allowed me to remain up to date with state-of-the-art technology and future trends.

This seamlessly explains why I want to be a part of The Rechargers, where we operate in a market where technology is an enabler for sustainable mobility solutions.

Since becoming part of the team, I've had the opportunity to delve deep into this rapidly evolving industry. For example, I was involved in constructing an EV Charging platform benchmark, where we built a framework for assessing functional and technical capabilities of up to 15 charging platforms.

My main focus as a functional analyst at The Rechargers is to prioritize customer interests and deliver optimal results by combining my background in IT together with an engineering mindset.

How do I Recharge?

I power up by drinking coffee, playing football/soccer, and spending time with people I love.